Book your pub crawl, ghost tour, or history tour here!


1- Check availability and book directly from our website or call 912.414.5634 to inquire about available times. If booking a large group (12+) and you have a time/date in mind and DO NOT see it on the online booking page, give us a call. We hold some bikes for large groups (Excludes Saturdays). Custom Ride times available 7 days a week.

Individuals and small groups welcome.

  • $35/person (plus taxes) for a 2 hour ride

OR rent the whole shebang (up to 15 people) and get the group discount of

  • $375.00 (plus taxes) Sunday through Wednesday for a 2 hour ride

  • $410.00 (plus taxes) Thursday through Saturday for a 2 hour ride

2- Book online & the full payment is charged to your card. Confirmation email will arrive with all of the details you will need to know about where to meet, etc. If booking a large group (16+ riders) and you wish for guests to pay individually at the time of Ride, a $200 deposit will be charged to a credit card at the time of booking.

3- Show up to your ride. All riders must provide photo ID, and must read and sign the Savannah Slow Ride Release of Liability Waiver online by clicking HERE or please refer to your confirmation email. Otherwise, electronic waivers will also be available at the time of the ride.


All Savannah Slow Ride tours must be paid by cash or credit card before the ride begins or online at the time of booking. Options include Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover.

DAMAGE, LATE or Unruly Behavior FEE

We reserve the right to charge your credit card up to $100 following the ride if necessary.

Inappropriate behavior before, during, and after tours will result in the offending passenger(s) being asked to un-board the Slow Ride, and the passenger’s subsequent responsibility to find their own way home. Behavior considered “inappropriate” is left to the discretion of the Slow Ride driver/tour guide. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:

-Possession of an open container of alcohol while on the Slow Ride that is not allowed within Savannah's open container laws

-Excessive intoxication

-Excessive Loudness

-Verbal or physical harassment of other riders, the Guide, or third parties

-Refusal to yield to the requests of the Slow Ride Guide

-Physically endangering themselves by acting carelessly on the bike (i.e. jumping off the moving Slow Ride, pushing others, etc.)

If the driver/guide has determined the group can no longer ride the Slow Ride responsibly we have the right to and will charge the credit card holding the reservation $100.00. This is easily avoided, just don't be that guy.

Since the Savannah Slow Ride is powered by its passengers, they control the speed at which the tour progresses. For scheduling purposes, however, it is necessary that the ride end within 10 minutes of the scheduled return time. There will be no Damage/Late Deposit charged if the Savannah Slow Ride returns to the starting point on time and undamaged.

$40 - 10-15 minutes late

$55 - 15-20 minutes late

$70 - 20-25 minutes late

$85 - 25-30 minutes late

TIPPING: Tips are always appreciated.